I’ve enjoyed twitter. More often than not it’s been a source of fun laughter good people and learning.  Meeting many of you has been an added bonus. Now though my twitter mojo has rather disappeared, along with my ability to keep up with back stage chatter coffees et al; time to have a twitter holiday….

#ByeBoobs 1

preparing for my future without breasts. The loss of pleasure.

From Your Perspective

Like a lot if things this was written for someone. His fantasy from his perspective. As a fellow Dom we initially met just for coffee and to share rope techniques. The connection became enjoyably strong his fantasy being that I would submit to him. When we met he (a married man) already had 2 subs…

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Even in his own mind he didn’t really know why he met her for the second time, one of those coffee dates spun into reality from a series of sexy exchanges and short bursts of fantasy; but there he was, hanging about the station waiting for her to arrive. She was at least easy to…

Rush Hour

This is something I wrote purely because it was in me to write it. Stemming as it did from a meeting with someone about 2 years ago, the scent of his want yet fear I can still recall to this day.    Rushing down to the tube platform you’re jostled, you catch my eye and…