I am Charlotte, a Dominant but not latex clad, nor stereotypical. Yes I have the usual accoutrements, and as they say, I am not afraid to use them, but my preferred style of Dominance is more sensual, psychological. Dominance that takes time, not for the instant gratification submissives of the twitter/50 Shades variety it has to be said.

This blog isn’t about any one thing, it isn’t reflective of me necessarily, it just reflects (rather like my twitter account if you follow me) the randomness of my thoughts.

Oh, and on the subject of twitter please don’t feel offended if I decline, I keep a deliberately small line precisely so that I can get to know people. Numbers are not important to me. If I decline and you know someone who does follow me then feel free to ask them to intercede. Doesn’t guarantee anything but it is a start.


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