I’ve enjoyed twitter. More often than not it’s been a source of fun laughter good people and learning.  Meeting many of you has been an added bonus. Now though my twitter mojo has rather disappeared, along with my ability to keep up with back stage chatter coffees et al; time to have a twitter holiday. I’d hate to actually close octogirl she’s such a true part of me; things I find interesting or funny, the erotica I like and so on.

I’m starting more treatment for cancer soon all that hacking about and pre surgery stuff wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. This next stuff isn’t quite so fun and the last thing I want is a dreary account.

So my fondest for you all undiminished I’m sliding down to the depths.

My sincere thanks for your interactions, your humour your thought provoking threads and of course your bodies and amazing minds xxx

Tentacle Hugs



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  1. eye says:

    Goodbye C. Fondest hopes and a wish for happy dreams for your next journey.


    1. Alchemypriestess says:

      Oh sweetness. I get it completely and will miss you. If you keep s blog or there’s another way to stay in touch please let me know.

      Wishing you the best for your treatment.

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  2. Gosh, I feel rather emotional, and am teary eyed reading this. Without getting ridiculous about it, you’ve been an inspiration to me, the lady with the smarts!
    Much love to you, C, for your journey traversing whatever comes you way. xx


  3. You will be missed C. I left a DM for you on Twitter.
    Wishing you all the best, you lovely lady…
    Kat xx


  4. I am so sorry to see you go. I wish you all the best, sweetie and will be thinking of you a lot!

    Rebel xox


  5. Johnny says:

    Dear Charlotte. I’will miss you on twitter but I am sure you will be back in good health again. Be strong and fix this now.
    You will be in my mind
    Many hugs and kisses


    1. octothoughts says:

      I think I’ve found a new pair of eyes to borrow I’ll be back xx

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      1. Chilled Red says:

        I didn’t know the others had gone. Hope you are ok xx


      2. octothoughts says:

        Twitter is so much less accessible without help but new eyes though not as good will tie me over until Andrew is back

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