The Balcony

Sunlight through the glass stroked the naked flesh a warm sensual greeting to the day, edging around the tree tops to creep across the body as it lay there in peaceful solitude. 

A millenia had passed it felt getting to this day when, alone for a while, laying out a rug and stepping out on to the balcony, the mind could be selfish in it’s sensual control of the body for a while.


Lying face down legs slightly apart the mix
of cool breezes and trickling warmth led the mind to recall kisses against the inner thigh. The involuntary vaginal clenching against that thick shaft that had felt so good inside the first time. The slightest ripple of the stomach muscles that teasingly dragged the mound across the rug pulling the hood remembering the slender feminine fingers playing with her clit as her husband fucked harder deeper slower. The plaything of experienced desires. A sunbeam concentrated from glass leaving streaks of inferred pain across buttocks, the mind releasing a new memory, being caned. The fire left in the days that followed. The wet recall each time the body sat welts screaming their presence, the desperation to be fucked in meetings with colleagues struggling to concentrate.

Rolling over, legs spread wider, hands sliding downwards fingering nipples taut in the breeze eyes shut letting the mind wander to the voyeur that might be out there somewhere.  Pulling labia apart trying to centre on that sunbeam to create the stinging pain of a clit slapped so hard that the wand that followed immediately after tore cum from deep within in seconds. Reaching for pegs to arouse pert small nipples further the faintest trickle of cum licking the sphincter like tongues had done that afternoon elsewhere. 

Rolling into a long lazy orgasm low earthy groans escaping as the mind directs fingers to seek out the small gardening trowel the wooden handle forcing itself inside replicating more memories of men real and imagined. No structured fantasy just the mind playing with the stimuli of the waking day and the space of home. Undemanding, safe, home.

The first full wave of cum that drenches the wood pegs pulled from stinging nipples as the body rolls onto it’s side fingers coated in the lube of lustful memories moistening the hook of the peg bag.  Inserting the bulbous head feeling the passage gripping it against the trowel handle, rocking. Louder moans as once more the mind free of all chains and pent up frustrations loosens wants needs imaginings. Passing noises from the waking world around merely heighten the desire to be watched. To be ordered to perform for others, to rack the senses the flesh till there is no control then unleashed upon those who’s body the mind desires make them feel like this.

Make them feel as free and wanton as this. Not holding back losing all self control.

Starting their new day with a mind let loose


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