A gentle alteration of To His Coy Mistress


With my sincere apologies to one of my favourite poets Andrew Marvell… one of those poems I learnt and never forgot. Playing with it in my mind as I lie here interweaving my thoughts with his.

Had we but world enough and time,

This coyness, lady, were no crime.

We would sit down, and think which way

To strip you slowly perchance to play.

Thou by light of my phone screens glow

Would stiffening find; your fingers sow

A passion none could complain. I would

Fuck you ten hours before the flood,

That drenched you, pure pleasure divine

Till the conversion of my cum to thine.

My throbbing cock should grow

Vaster than empires and more slow;

An hundred years should go to praise

Thine eyes, & on thy dripping cunt my gaze;

Two hundred to adore each breast,

And twisting nipples put to test;

A cane at least to fully mark

Bruises, welts to show my work.

For, lady, you deserve this state,

Nor would I fuck at lower rate.

       But at my back I always hear

Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near;

Reality our other world

Hidden kinks vanilla flag unfurled.

The beauty of your limits found;

Body racked, anally fucked whilst bound.

My echoing moans ; another toy to try

That long-preserved submission free’d

And your quaint honour turn to dust,

And into ashes all my lust;

The grave’s a fine and private place,

But none, I think, do there embrace.

       Now therefore, while your cunt’s my due

Pre cum oozes like morning dew,

And while thy willing soul transpires

At every pore with instant fires,

Now let me use you while I may,

Biting now like starving birds of prey,

Rather at once our lust devour

Than languish in my lustful power.

Let us roll all our strength and all

Our toys rope wax into one ball,

And tear our last kisses with rough strife

Through the iron gates of life:

Thus, though we cannot make our sun

Stand still, yet we will make him run.


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  1. Helen691 says:

    I’m a great believer of what goes around, comes around. This blog not only shows self-pitying displays of the ‘me, me, me’ syndrome I also read on your twitter timeline, it clearly shows how ignorant and arrogant you are in regards to thinking your peception of bdsm lifestyles are all 50 shades inspired.
    They are not. No wonder your pig-headed attitude has given you a reputation Charlotte that many know as judgemental and in Reigate that’s just not on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. octothoughts says:

      It’s an oddly pleasing commentary. Pleasing because you took time too look in both places and make a judgment, so an opinion based on research not just some random out pouring and for that I approve and leave it comfortably up here for anyone else to view.


  2. Helen691 says:

    In chinese folklore there was once an octopi that tried to judge and jury all the fish that lived in the sea.

    It failed when it got tangled up in natural seaweed left by a group of turtles who hated the octopi.

    Moral of story- the turtles outlived the octopi who was strangled by the seaweed and the local fishermen when it washed up dead made great sushi out of it.

    Octopi death.

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    1. octothoughts says:

      Folklore is fascinating isn’t it. So many tales from which to draw down our thoughts and wishes for others. I confess I’m not very knowledgeable in Chinese stories, I’ve always preferred Japanese but I’m sure they’ve something similar.


  3. Helen691 says:

    Visit the Chinese bookshops in Chinatown some time when you are not working in Victoria. You will find hundreds of discoveries about folklore.

    The hidden eye is not only in the blind. It is also within those who you have judged. Now the eye reaps in strength to haunt. (chinese proverb-608 a.d)

    Liked by 1 person

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