#ByeBoobs 1


A quiet time in my day has given me space to enjoy my breasts and the sensations that arouse them, seeking to understand what it is that works so well with that all encompassing pleasure swirling around my body, focusing on my clit. Tracing it, understanding it, pondering how to replicate it when I have neither breasts, nipples or in the main, feeling there. Shoulders, inner thighs, labia alternatives that whilst interesting and not as they say without merit, lack the tantilising arousal that breast play provides. As a Dominant woman I am too busy concentrating on a submissive to be bothered by my own sexual needs. It has ever been thus. When I play or fuck for my own desires they’re front and foremost as 36DD tend to be… I am as, the surgeon discussed, all breast, with a small back and ribcage. That equates to heavy relatively taut mammary glands that are firm and full in your hands, small tight nipples you’d suck deeply your face swamped by the warm density of my flesh. Were you to explore you’d find my clit swells and oozes in direct contrast to the attention my nipples receive. You’d feel me arch and writhe as your strong hands grope and twist, I might even emit a moan, a sigh, so unlike my Dominant self icily controlled and focused on what I want to do to you.

I have tied them. a chest harness pulling them forward then binding them tightly the blood pulsing to the very tip of my clamped nipples. Walking around, completing household chores each movement increasing the erotic tension, a plug and a bullet edging me till release becomes impossible to deny myself and a gushing explosion as clamps are removed and I trail my breasts against the cotton sheets imagine you fucking me from behind still plugged. The weight of each orb as the released blood feels like electric currents shooting through me, such a definite highly conscious pleasure that will simply disappear. I the rolling aftermath of my orgasm I lie gently rolling the palm of my hand over still screaming nipples, edging myself. In past days you’d be fingering me or using a gently vibrating bullet to keep me heightened and coming so easily often. Without the  driving excitement of nipples what and how I wonder will be the central focal point? My neck? Only once kissed and teased and so easily discounted, breasts were so much more fun. Inner thighs? Teasing them as I do submissives sometimes, replicating the moans that emanate from them perhaps a combination for me of pegs, a cane or a flogger and teasingly cruel teasing fingertips or lips? Will using things I regard as for submissives need too great a shift of mind to allow me to experience the same level of pleasure?

In a deliciously dark way I relish this new path in my sexual understanding of myself. The exploration of what turns me on, the how the where the when. No-longer following traditional paths, challenging my future lovers and playmates to use their creativity for my and by extension, their benefit. To look beyond just the clitcentric alternatives and bring me something I never knew that substituted body part could do.

smiles xx


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  1. Beautifully written. I have said it before but I’m saying it again… You ROCK!
    Kat x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colinsymthexsc says:

    You don’t rock. Loosing your boobs? Oh what a pity. Looking through your medical notes from St.Georges I even know your blood type. I’ve seen you in clinic.


    1. octothoughts says:

      Grins. 😉 it’s really not bothering me.


    2. octothoughts says:

      Sigh look you’re not repeating anything you can’t get from my timeline that I’ve not shared myself. The whole point is cheering when they’re gone so you’ll be one of many who do. As for ‘I even know your blood group’ you must see that that’s worth nothing on it’s own. You need to back it up with something factual/identifying if it is meant in some way to validate you. In simple terms I’m not the sort of person who really finds anything like this matters in the overall scheme of things. We’ve no connection that I recognise so I’ve not invested any of myself in getting to know you so that I’d want to try and understand your collective irritation with me.

      I’m sure you’ll feel the need to pop up whether in response to this or to a post, but I’m not interested enough to reply anymore. Do think seriously before bashing away at your keyboard again.

      Good night, sleep well.



  3. Colinsymthexsc says:

    Pleased to read that. I can do this all day and night as being on call at St.Georges it helps to pass the time.

    When they remove your breast/breasts a cheer will occur as I reflect your grin back. I enjoy seeing you squirm just like the octopi you are 😜


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