From Your Perspective

Like a lot if things this was written for someone. His fantasy from his perspective. As a fellow Dom we initially met just for coffee and to share rope techniques. The connection became enjoyably strong his fantasy being that I would submit to him. When we met he (a married man) already had 2 subs but this particular one owned his heart but as a married woman herself was often unable to meet for the length of time he hoped for. In these words lie a mix of general conversations, serious discussions, his then hoped for future. In the event he became a father and everything (bar his current simply sexual dalliances with others) stopped. It was written in chapters as part of a much longer exchange posted between us every day for 8 months. My thanks to him for suggesting these sections and allowing them to be posted as I don’t really think they belong to me.


It is far later than you wanted it to be, looking at your watch your frustrations with the delays of public transport are palpable, the phone ‘Hi Simon it’s Jo’ I think I am about 15mins away I am so sorry I am late!’ in measured tones you reassure her ‘it’s ok my pet, we have plenty of time Louise won’t be with us for a while yet’ ‘OK see you soon!’. Drawing deeply on your cigarette you rehash the plans in your head, dropping the idea of fucking her first now time is short. Annoying having to make choices on today of all days, especially as you chose not to cum yesterday when you had the chance…

The train announcement raises your blood pressure another notch, Jo’s train is held outside the station ‘Please listen for further announcements’ leaning against the wall you know to chance another cigarette in this no smoking zone is pushing it. Coiled like a spring you lean against the wall, hands in pockets, playing with the hotel key card. At least it isn’t far, Louise chose well from that point of view, a room at the end of the corridor, quiet, deliciously large bed, over looked just enough to make the possibility of detection fun for Jo. Recalled from your reverie you realise the train has arrived and spot Jo easily amongst the crowds. Her hair is up as you’d instructed revealing the curve of her neck, the dress chosen shows her curves, but is short enough for her bare legs to show to their best advantage 2 items excluding shoes you allowed her, the dress and yes, as she nears you, the shape shows a bra. Pulling her to you in greeting you smooth your hand over her buttocks, firm and round, grabbing hard as she offers her mouth to you smiling happily.

Grabbing her bag, arm over her shoulders, you guide her from the station enjoying the scent of her perfume and the way she links her arm around your waist as you walk, shorter than Louise she fits your body well. Pausing to look down you deftly pull the clip from her hair and watch it tumble in golden waves, you can’t stop the image of the rope and the anal hook from crossing your mind as you grab a handful and kiss her harder this time – to collar her will be perfect.

Entering the hotel you ignore the look from the doorman as you walk by with a different woman in your arms to the one you left with this morning. Hard not to notice Louise it has to be said, in her sharp suit, crisp blouse and with her natural commanding tone to the cab driver she always stands out as a surprise to those who expect something less able. That’s why you like her, so vanilla on the outside, a dark lascivious sexual being on the inside. So unlike the soft loving submissive nature of Jo you enjoy so; a sweet giving submissive so easy to please you so willing to offer her body to your desires, willing to learn to expand in whatever direction your thoughts take you. That gloriously fearful look she gives you that makes your cock harden when you train her in something new, all has led to this; being collared, meeting Louise, being shared, but yours, yours completely.

Opening the bedroom door Jo hesitantly follows you in, ‘she isn’t here yet, relax, she had a meeting she couldn’t get out of we have time for ourselves my darling girl’ and taking her by the hand you lead her to the centre of the room and slowly pull the dress over her shoulders, have her remove her bra and stand, admiring what is yours. Used now to this first inspection she knows the rules, standing legs apart, hands behind her head, eyes closed, she begins her catechism. ‘Sir, I have cum every day, I have used my butt plug as you instructed, I have shaved as you wanted, I have brought each of the toys you asked’ pausing as your hands feel her body, slipping fingers into her wetness seeping out in a river; You love the way her cum flows easily, her nipples harden, her breathing changes as if at the push of a button; so utterly open to you. ‘And?’ the tone of your voice is quietly commanding, you feel her stiffen hesitancy etched over her face like a cloud ‘is that all?’ her body droops a little, ‘I have not been fucked Sir’ ‘why not? I gave you express permission if you were happy with him my pet, I own you but I do not want to control or curtail this beautiful body’ Jo shudders as your words, accompanied as they are by your firm caress of her; thick masculine fingers fucking her slowly her body rocking down on them in need, want, supplicating desire to be made to explode, ‘why did you not fuck him?’ ‘he,,,he,,’ lost in the first wave the sentence lies between you unfinished you feel her body spasm, driving her down deeper onto your hands scooping her up onto the bed, you spread her legs wide and taste her; biting her clit her juice covers your face as she abandons herself to your mouth, you adore the groans she makes, how she grips the coverlet, how she responds to each flick of your tongue with such deep uncomplicated passion. Jo at this moment isn’t your sub she is your pleasure as you drive her again over the edge where she can no longer control herself. Your cock is stiff, straining within your trousers, God you want to mark what is yours as yours, and there is time…. As your hand strays to your belt flicking the clasp a trill from your phone slashes through the moment like a knife. Louise is leaving her meeting. You have half an hour. Shit.

Pulling Jo upright, smiling as her head rolls so deeply is she descending into her world of submission you feel a little harsh that this has ended so soon; but things must be done..
‘Time to begin my darling’ her eyes register the importance of paying attention to you as you lead her to the centre of the room facing the window that opens into the quadrangle. Having her kneel you place the desk chair behind her and then, draw the voile curtains exposing her to the gaze of whoever should care to look into this room closely enough; her eyes follow you as you move to the drawer and remove the silken rope then seat yourself behind her, training your fingers through her hair, tracing her spine, feeling her curve under your touch a sigh escaping her. Wrapping the silken cord about her throat, you explain how it is to be handled, the ends unravelled and the length it is to be cut. Leaning over covering her body with yours you look down at her small pert breasts, nipples that so love being bitten, the rise of her stomach homely and beautiful, the clear shape of her pubic hair trimmed and shaved as you like; again you wish you could delay Louise and just feel Jo in your arms for a little longer, but there isn’t time ‘control yourself to control her’ you mutter, ‘sorry Sir?’ ‘Nothing my sweetest woman, I will be no more than 15 minutes this must be done do you understand? ‘Yes Sir’, and with the softest kiss on her head you leave and head for the lobby.

Ordering two coffees you watch the cabs as they pull up to the doors, soon spotting Louise, and taking a glance of pride as her full breasted figure and stocking’d heeled suited body catches the eyes of two men waiting for cabs, the look of shock that registers on their face as she flicks out her cane and is led inside by the concierge. She is giving directions as you approach, ‘Louise’ ‘Pirate!’ taking her from the man’s arm you guide her to her seat, bending down to kiss her full lips that like Jo before, offer themselves willingly and happily to your attentions. The kiss received warmly and adoringly she squeezes your hand, ‘so did she cum well after you licked her so deeply dear Pirate’, ‘I ,,,’’your beard Pirate, it is coated in her cum, you didn’t allow enough time to enjoy your darling sub or could you simply not tear yourself away?’ Louise’s smile is teasing and genuine, you never understand how someone of her character can so easily accept second place to a sub, but it has always been thus, without recrimination or challenge, she has always given you the space to enjoy Jo, and any of the others, as first priority; the strength in her belief that you will always have a space for her somewhere unshakeable. ‘Sorry Louise the train was late’ you say the laughter of a schoolboy whose homework is late in your voice ‘is it as planned?’ ‘Yes she will have completed the task when we return’,,,,,,,,,,,


Drinks finished you dial Jo’s phone allowing it to ring 3 times before hanging up; the prearranged signal that tells her to be ready to answer the next knock at the door.  Taking Louise’s hand, unable to resist a squeeze of happy excitement, you lead her to the room, stealing one final kiss of equals in the lift that she accepts and returns mouthing, ‘it will be fine’. The knock on the door seems louder than it needs to be, but even before the sound has died away Jo is standing there the silken rope draped about her shoulders, a nervous smile upon her lips, offering her Louise’s hand you have her guide her nervously to the centre of the room. There is such a difference in your two women, one so self-assured, confident yet so dependent on others for the smallest things, the other hesitant so desperate to please to serve, equally dependent on others for the smallest things, approval and validity. Both stand in silence waiting your direction.

‘Louise has had a long day Jo, undress and help her to shower her whilst I make tea’. Watching Jo’s pale hands slip Louise’s jacket from her shoulders and hang it reverently upon a hook you smile at her; she almost looks scared but is trying so hard. You return from the bathroom with the filled kettle to see Jo fumbling with the buttons of Louise’s shirt. Gently Louise removes Jo’s hands, placing them softly by her side, ‘we haven’t been properly introduced Jo have we, I am Louise, don’t worry about these buttons they are always tight’ you watch as Louise slowly and firmly un buttons revealing her rounded breasts nestled in the purple basque you had chosen and laced her in this morning. When the shirt is completely opened Louise quietly takes the nervous pale hands and places them upon her skirt, ‘carry on’. Slipping the shirt from Louise’s shoulders, unzipping and helping her to step out of the skirt the final pieces of outer wear are carefully hung and put away. Kneeling Jo unclips and removes each stocking, her eyes travel over Louise’s shaved mound and pussy, the labia flat against her body; You know Louise well, so are not surprised that she has clearly registered Jo’s breath against her cunt, you watch as she casually pulls her cunt lips back exposing her clit, ‘kiss, greet me as you would a Mistress’, Louise’s tone purrs like a lioness at moments like this, offering something seemingly so sweetly but which cannot, dare not be refused. Like a rabbit caught in headlights you watch as Jo leans slowly forward, lips upon lips, kissing Louise as she would you, no hesitation, no revulsion, total obedience to the command. The older woman’s hand slides into the blonde tresses and pulling, raises the shorter woman to stand, tracing the outline of her face, her lips, then, hands twisting the small breasts kisses her hard and demanding. Almost losing her balance Jo stretches out her hands to steady herself clasping Louise’s waist. The two women locked together, one devouring the other, who begins, with each twist to respond, hands roaming over Louise’s curves, exploring another woman as she has always imagined, always wanted and… Suddenly Louise stops, slapping the small breasts of your submissive hard, Jo’s reaction is instantaneous, still, hands by her sides. ‘Louise’, looking towards you Louise’s face smiles that half smile that says she wanted to play; stepping to her, holding her head in your hands you kiss her softly on her forehead, ‘no, not now there isn’t time my wench, shower, the table is booked for seven thirty’, nuzzling your throat, gently hugging you she pleads, ‘oh just a little it isn’t even six o’clock…’ ‘Shower’ you growl smacking her firmly on the round firm buttocks that still faintly bear the welts of the recent caning. Your mind drifts to the thought of caning her again, creating in her that subspace so unexpectedly deep in her yet this time having a second pair of hands to use upon her, something to educate Jo too. No woman has taken the depth of pain Louise can and been so aroused and erotically challenged by it, the visuality might help Jo understand why spanking her would expand her. Snapping back into the here and now, both women still and quiet, Louise in your arms, Jo to one side eyes still down cast, nervous and unsure, you realise you need to snap the fear that is rising for Jo. ‘Come on wench, under that water, and leading her by her nipples as she laughs breaking the tension, you guide her to the bathroom quickly removing her remaining underwear, starting the shower you leave her to orientate herself.

Jo still hasn’t moved a muscle; she always becomes almost catatonic with fear when she thinks she has displeased, Louise’s sudden reversal will have confused and frightened her. Taking the small woman’s hands you sit on the foot of the bed and gather her into you wrapping your arms about her, kissing her face, pulling her between your legs and gripping her with your thighs. She responds as she always has, opening into smiles, instantly reassured, kissing you in turn as your hands pull at her breasts, biting and sucking her nipples. ‘Don’t worry about Louise, she just likes to test people, you haven’t displeased her at all, ‘but maybe I did maybe I didn’t greet her as a Mistress I don’t I mean I didn’t,,,’ ’shush my little one, shush, go into the bathroom and wash her, touch her, explore her I want to watch you it will please me to see you enjoy her touch in return’ ’but will she?’ ‘She will respond, and more trust me, she isn’t an ogre, now go’.

As Jo pads away you roll back onto the bed and sigh, God this had better work, to collar her before Louise of all people was always a gamble albeit an important statement for you to make. But two women, each so different, so much more to control, so much more to the dynamic; Louise’s touch and her kiss and the faint scent of musk that rose from her as you undressed her in the bathroom told you she is highly aroused. Not letting her drink you last night might have been a mistake, you need the release as much as she does now and there is only Jo to release it upon…

From the bathroom you hear a giggle, um, Jo is relaxing. Making a pot of tea you listen to the deep comforting tones of Louise directing easing your submissive, nervous laughter from Jo suddenly stopped by, you can only guess, Louise’s kisses. You have explained Jo to Louise who understands fully the desires of the younger woman for the touch and experience of another. Louise is confident to teach, and her ample breasts, shapely older body is so sexual when she needs it to be Jo will succumb just as you did. Walking nonchalantly into the bathroom with your tea, neither woman reacts as you settle yourself comfortably on the toilet and gaze upon them. Louise has Jo against the back wall of the shower, her mouth teasing, biting the small cupped breasts, bending down her own breasts hang and are being cupped and squeezed in return, nipples pulled downwards hard like teats. Jo learns fast and can obviously feel that the more she causes pain the more her body receives pleasure. Legs spread Jo is being fingered hard and fast, three, the thumb and little finger crossed over and acting as a battering ram against the clearly reddening clit. Jo has always been vocal when you have fucked or played with her, you adore how she fills your own silence with her aural passion, but this is different; Louise is making her growl, she is pleading to be fucked to be made to cum, her hands clutching at her assailants head dragging it back to her tits covered now in red round bite marks. You wonder if they even know you are there as Louise drops to her knees and begins to lick and suck, pulling the labia wide taking the whole of Jo’s clit in her mouth making the young woman gasp with raw lascivious want. You watch mesmerised as Louise’s head bobs knowing how her expertly sensitive mouth will be working Jo, nibbling, sucking, biting, changing the pace and pressure learning which sensation makes Jo cry out and beg as she is now to be fucked, her arms spread across the cubicle she seems desperate to save herself from falling as through the water speckled steamy glass you see Louise’s arm move upwards between Jo thighs.. A moment later ‘oh God!!, Oh Jesus!!’ her breathing loud and rasping, her body thrashing against Louise she cums, hard, deep, the sounds of her wanton release echoing in the small room until unable to support herself as the power of the orgasm shakes her she begins to slide down the wall. Louise rolls back and rising supports the exhausted woman, opening the cubicle the steam and water hitting you. ‘She should be rewarded Simon, she has done well’ and with gentle tenderness she kneels Jo before you ‘suck him hard make sure you swallow every drop, that my dear woman is a submissives true reward’

Jo crawls between your legs as Louise re-enters the shower; the surreal feeling of watching her shower, soaping herself before you, hands roaming over her body, between her legs, whilst the inexperienced mouth sucks and pulls at your cock with a new found lust and desire and soon, you feel the release you have been needing; shooting cum hard into the back of her throat she chokes, spitting it back over you then as quickly trying to lap every drop as you continue to explode over her face, her neck, her tits; whilst Louise quietly edges herself before you teasing you with the knowledge that she will always control herself unless you choose to take it from her.

In a blur bodies are dressed dried and as you walk behind them enjoying Louise’s shapely form in her tight dress and the seamed stockings and heels being led now so confidently by Jo her beautiful blonde hair loose across her shoulders the rope bindings barely visible to all but the uninitiated under her floaty silk dress, you wonder who will receive the next heavy load you can feel swelling your balls even now,,,


The restaurant is busy, but you are pleased to see that the table you reserved is as you ordered, a circular booth towards the back of the main dining area. Taking Louise on your arm, you instruct Jo to slide through to the middle area, showing Louise to Jo’s left. When both are settled you take Jo’s right. Draping your arm around her shoulders you pull her head to you, grabbing a handful of her hair and kiss her hard and openly, your hand gripping her thigh, the quiet gentle laugh from Louise is the mark of approval you seek for your plans for the evening. Louise will work with you picking up carefully on any path you choose to take, never needing to have things explained; she seems almost to read your mind. It has ever been this way. A discreet cough interrupts you, pulling back, a small trail of her saliva catching in your beard, you casually give the drinks waiter our drinks order and he departs. Leaning into Jo’s ear you whisper ‘remove your skirt and pants, give them to Louise’, as obedient as ever to your wishes, she begins to wriggle as the drinks waiter returns with your order. For the briefest of moments you feel her tense, but, preferring to please you to the humiliation of being seen by the waiter, she continues. Folding her skirt clumsily under the table she passes it and her damp panties to Louise who casually puts them to one side and without a word to Jo, passes back in return the handbag that she had brought. Looking at you for guidance Jo retreats to that beautiful state of submissiveness you so adore in her, ‘open it’ you say smiling reassuringly at her, knowing that in it are clamps, bullets, the remote control egg, and Jessica. You select for her the small vibrating clamps and Jessica. Fingering her until she is wet, pausing only to accept drinks from the waiter and give our order for food chosen by you, neither of us speak, you insert Jessica and clamp her labia so that the dildo is held the ears vibrating against her clit on pulse. It takes the shortest while for her breath to change as she cums hard struggling not to make a noise or squirm too obviously. She takes my hand squeezing it as if to plead for mercy; ‘Pirate, you need to complete the task before the appetisers arrive’ without another word I hear you kissing her deeply as she expels her sighs of sexual exhaustion. Gripping my hand still tighter I feel her thigh shuddering against me, her moans lost in your beard as you hold her face to you and calm her, ‘good girl,,,,,good girl,,,,’
Removing the clamps and the dildo you allow her to go to the bathroom and freshen up, planting a small peck on my cheek as you sit and await her return…..


As she walks back towards the table you notice that Jo’s face is glowing, her eyes alive and sparkling; she has pulled her collar just above the neck line of the dress so that the first loop of rope is visible as are, you are pleased to see, her pert nipples under the silk dress. It has worked, your collared sub is the happiest you have ever seen her, she values her submission to you and is proud to be collared. Her walk oozes a self-confidence you have never seen in her before, nor even glimpsed in all your efforts.  Standing to allow her to resume her place between you and Louise she casually grazes her hand across your groin, generating a surge of lust and a pulse of desire in you. As the meal progresses conversation flows easily, Louise seems always able to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in talking about anything. It has rubbed off on Jo too who explains to Louise how she wanted to submit to you for so long yet until that first kiss you stole from her, had never though she would measure up. As you listen you realise there is still much to learn about this new responsibility in your world. Louise skilfully leads Jo in to admissions of her hard and soft boundaries as though the two women were discussing shoes, you know that feeling well; mouth spilling thoughts from your brain and heart uncensored into Louise’s waiting lap only for your body to learn how she has used such information later. ‘so why is anal a hard boundary? Done with care it can be a beautifully erotic experience for either sex’ Louise’s tone is casual and gentle, but your cock stiffens, this is a hard boundary for Jo, you have wanted her arse for months but have never forced the issue since that first possibly clumsy attempt earlier in the year. ‘I just don’t want it to hurt, it would hurt wouldn’t it and well,,, it would be, well,, messy’ you watch as Louise’s hand lightly strokes her cheek, and as seductively traces Jo’s lips; the sub frozen in subspace for the briefest of moments. ‘No of course it wouldn’t hurt, dearest little thing you know Sir would never ever hurt you’, You squirm hoping Jo doesn’t reveal the truth, not the pain, you hadn’t even inserted your finger past the first knuckle, but your failure to relax her sufficiently had caused her to pull away sharply and a small scratch in her crack had assumed far more significance for the frightened sub than it merited. ‘I…I do know that but I just don’t think I can, can I? ‘Louise slowly leans forward pulling Jo towards her, lips and tongues entwining without care as you, and others, watch. ‘Of course you can, do you not want to give Sir something of you no one else has ever had tonight of all nights?’ ‘I ,,, I mean,,, I hadn’t thought of it like that…’ ‘Let’s go back to the room whilst Sir deals with the waiters we can talk and explore a little more comfortably there can’t we?’ ‘Yes, I mean,,, Sir?’ Jo turns to you with a face in flushed confusion that she was following in utter submission the woman to whom her Sir had only just introduced her, a woman whose body she had tasted, who had made her cum in joyous abandonment in the shower and secured for her the delicious prize of Sir’s cum; but she belonged to Sir! You kiss her lightly on the forehead, ‘Go with Louise my good and willing girl, I will join you both in a while I am going for a cigarette’
Standing outside the hotel entrance you relax and draw deeply on your cigarette the smoke winding round your beard as you exhale. You can never quite understand how Louise finds your beard so erotic when it has a hint of Drum about it; but then there are still so many things you don’t understand about that woman you think, a wry laugh silently escaping you as you take your last drag, and in doing so catch the eye of the concierge. It is strange you think, a few months ago you would never have imagined being in this position casually facing the world with clearly two women simultaneously on your arm. Today though, it seems like the most natural thing in the world,,

‘Time to go and see what the Wench is up to’ you think.

As you cross the lobby you let Louise’s phone ring 3 times before disconnecting, the agreed signal, but as you enter the now darkened room, only a few shafts of light from rooms across the quadrangle flecking the carpet, you at first think you are alone until a sigh of such primeval depth greets you. Adjusting to the light you walk slowly into the body of the room to be greeted by the sight of Louise laced beautifully into your favourite purple basque, one stocking’d leg draped over the arm of the chair, between her legs pearls of excitement glisten in the reflected light of the mirror. Jo naked, save for her collar and bindings, on all fours on the bed facing Louise one hand playing with herself in uninhibited abandonment. Disrobing Jo seems oblivious to your presence so lost in her own world of ecstasy, Louise’s head turns in your direction and smiles, ‘take from her the one thing she has left to give Sir, it will be given willingly I promise, she is ready’ the liquid honey of her voice stirs you, striding forward you kneel between her legs the long lithe length of you across her breasts as her hands grasping your hair demanding your mouth, your lips. The sigh released from her tells you everything you need to know, she is utterly relaxed and safe with you as she was that very first time under the trees. ‘take her Pirate, let me hear your pleasure’, hearing her use your familiar name, lying across her body her precum in droplets on your stomach your cock begins to pulse, standing you pull her gently from the chair and have her straddle you your cock enjoying that first hard push through the tight opening and the additional arousal of her muscles gripping you. Biting her nipples you thrust upwards and revel in the way she arches her back in these moments taking you deeper grinding her cunt into you. As suddenly she rolls forward happiness and pleasure in her voice as she says, ‘my darling, darling pirate, not me!’ and lifts herself a train of her precum the last tender link, snapping. ‘Always my wench’ your words smiling down on her as you replace her in the chair and move to the bed behind Jo.

The room is darker here, making the little light on her blonde tresses shimmer, she has cum her thighs are dripping, yet still she seems unable to stop; sliding your hand over her buttocks and downwards you feel not one, but two hard edges; Jo has the glass butt plug inside her, running your finger around the rippled base you remember it as the longer slightly larger plug Louise used on you when Myra and the others came to bake. Jo seems oblivious to it so focused is she on the rhythm of the dildo she is pumping into her cunt. Looking across at Louise you see how she is straining to hear and translate every move you make as if Jo were the amplifier of your excitement.
Slowly you ease the glass plug from Jo who moans gently as the final inch leaves her, ‘oh please Sir, please,,,’ ‘please what’ your growl betrays your want, your hands grabbing each fleshly buttock and squeezing, feeling the way she pushes back on you as you pull them apart exposing her crack and her arse, lubed, her thighs soaking in another wave of her cum, taking your cock you gently match the head against the hole; teasing yourself as you rub it against her, each time you touch her anus you hover a few seconds more luxuriating in the way she pushes back on you. You feel your balls tighten, precum oozing from you, you push the head in, savouring her sigh as she thanks you and pleads for you to take her, to make her yours. Words Louise has taught her, words Louise used when she asked to be marked to feel the connection with you and you bit her breasts, savouring her pleasure. Jo slides back almost taking the full length of your shaft, you feel the dildo she’s using rubbing you between the thin wall separating arse from cunt. Working in the reverse thrust to the dildo you begin to fuck her hard, your balls slap against her, eliciting a moan of wanton lust from her each time. Looking across at Louise you see the look of rapt attention as she mirrors Jo’s movements with the dildo with the small silver bullet she teasing plays across her clit. Your need to cum is overwhelming gripping her hips you drive harder into your sub, releasing one hand to take hold of the collar pulling her head back as you feel your cum shoot into the confined passage and back flow along your shaft, writhing beneath you she is groaning deep powerful sounds of the orgasm taking her whole body, supporting herself with both hands the dildo abandoned held in by her swollen lips as you slide out of her exhausted a trickle of your cum splattering the coverlet. Rolling back onto the bed you let out the growled sigh your eyes closed fearing the fireworks in your soul will be visible.

So lost in your own escape are you, you don’t feel at first the two tongues lapping at your flaccid cock and dehydrated balls; as you float back to reality you simply slide your hands to each head, the thick short hair of one, the longer softer tresses of the other and drift into sleep as they clean you,,,,,,,


Slowly you open your eyes, the room is still and peaceful, Jo lying cradled in your arms the morning sun just falling across her skin making it glow, her hair spread across your shoulder, the scent of her shampoo filling your nostrils reminding you of the very first time you were close enough to smell it’s beauty. Gently you run your fingers under the stray golden threads, loving how she sighs under your hand even when sleeping. Holding her a little closer you kiss, as softly as gossamer, her forehead loving your submissive with all the passionate care your heart possesses. The still quiet of the room holds you in its embrace as you close your eyes and lie back into the warmth of the bed. Like a loud knock in your brain, you realise it shouldn’t be so quiet, there should be a sound, you should be able to hear Louise; carefully extracting your arm from beneath your sleeping charge you move to the bathroom, empty. Moving back into the body of the room your eye catches a small coloured card with a pirate ship woven in-between the threads of the flogger lying on the table. Opening it you see Louise’s writing, always the effort to be in your world rather than have you learn to be in hers she has written goodbye. ‘My darling Pirate, nothing can express how proud I have been of you this evening; proud to feel the depth of love you hold for your submissive, the boundless care and respect you show for her, and the commitment you have demonstrated in your collaring of her. The choice of the small skein of silken thread that she can wear about her wrist is inspired. I am no longer part of the world you will inhabit; you have found all you need in a very beautiful and truly submissive woman and I know you will be happy and fulfilled. My memories are cherished and stored safely in the castle, I will always adore and love you, but for now I must simply wave as you sail into those unchartered waters, forever your wench, always and all ways, Louise’.

A smile flickers across your face as you carefully lay the card back within the safety of the flogger, always appropriate to the very last; reining in whatever it is she had felt, or maybe still is, feeling, so that you could be free to move onwards with your collared submissive in whatever direction you choose. You wonder if your paths will ever cross again.

Distracted by the sound of Jo moving all thoughts of Louise disappear as the beauty of the waking sub greets you her pert breasts, nipples erect, tumbling over the coverlet as she opens her eyes, smiling adoringly at you and stretches. ‘Tea?’ you ask, ‘please Sir’, padding towards you she nestles herself into your chest enfolding her arms around your neck, stretching up to meet your lips as you bend downward. Lips gently nibbling each other, then pulling, then the passion awoken between you, you gather her upwards your tongue devouring her as her legs lock around your hips the stickiness of a night’s dreams coating your stomach. The kiss seems to last forever, the smell of musk from last night’s multiple orgasms rises from you both like a cloud, the soft tug of the hairs on your chest as her wrist glides over you the silken band of knotted rope you crafted catching them. Lowering her you pat her buttocks affectionately as you hand her the kettle and prepare to shower whilst she makes tea. Soaping yourself vigorously it feels as though you are reborn, everything that ‘was’ disappearing with the water, the fresh new world that awaits you as you step out into the warm towel Jo holds out for you. ‘your tea is on the side Sir, shall I shower now?’ looking down at her you see how the bruises from the bite marks on the underside of her breasts are beginning to develop, small red tyre tracks around her nipples where the twine was tied pulled up by Louise to allow you greater access to mark what was, what is, yours. As she rubs you dry, your hand strays taking a nipple hard between your thumb and forefinger, rolling it, enjoying the response in her as the towel falls to the floor and her hands link behind her back; her face looking up at you with unalloyed pleasure.
‘Fetch the hemp fb’ ‘yes Sir’ the eagerness in her voice is impossible to miss as you follow her into the room and find yourself as aroused as ever by the sight of her rounded buttocks. Turning she offers you the rope palms upwards eyes down as she has been taught; taking the rope your voice, deep yet low and commanding says ‘Position One’ without a word she spreads her legs shoulder width apart, places her hands on her head and offers her body unconditionally for inspection. Every mark upon her tells the story of the previous afternoon and night, nothing horrendous, but enough. Sliding your hand over her mound and tracing the line of her clit with your finger you feel the instant reaction and desire in her for you, standing to her side you cup her buttocks and slowly rim her arse with a finger; her breathing begins to change, tell-tale pants of arousal; she has given all to you, nothing is forbidden you anymore. Inserting your finger gently into her arse, and two more roughly into her cunt you slowly massage her ‘play with your breasts fb’ you growl, obediently her hands pull at her nipples, twisting and turning, you feel the instant flow of juices as she paces her own abuse with the strength and pace of your fingers. Your cock begins to swell and twitch self-control you thin, self-control; edging her you withdraw just as you feel her cunt muscles begin to clench and hear her breathing become the long drawn out breaths of her orgasm mounting. ‘Position Two’, with only a moment’s hesitation to collect herself, Jo moves to stand before the mirror, a pace away, arms stretched hands supporting herself against the glass legs spread. This is a position you love to see her in, as you move about arranging the furniture for your needs you can see her almost from every angle as you glance across. This is how you will punish her if it is ever needed, angling yourself so she can watch you wank as she stands there the precious seed she so desires spilling into empty air before she is dismissed with nothing.

Settling in your chair and unravelling the rope you call her and have her stand before you as you begin to encircle her waist with the rope. The sensation of hemp upon her soft skin is new to her; you have only ever tied one woman this way, but that was in your past, now the future needs to be played out on Jo’s body. Creating the first firm wraps you draw the rope for the first time up under her crotch separating her clit and labia, turning and wrapping a second bind you repeat the process admiring how your skilled hands have teased out her clit to stand proud of the hemp that you can see is irritating her like a pleasurable itch. Finishing the tie you reach for the strands of cord and, pulling her nipples hard away from her body tie bows tightly on each watching her face control the pain now so understood and now desired, as the bruises and marks strain against her skin.
Taking the bullet you begin to tease her, edging her over and over, watching her struggle to stand, legs turning to jelly as each wave crashed against her; her face and neck flushed with every sweeping roll of her desire, unable to control her moans her whimpering sobs of want, ‘please, oh god, please Sir’
And you say yes, her body racked with desire and lust as she collapses before you soaking the hemp,,,,,,,


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