The Man in the Mirror

The warmth of her breasts against his back pleased him, it meant they were glowing red from the peg trail he had pulled from her only moments earlier. Each peg tied to another by thin wire making a raised crown encircling those small rosebud nipples he had bitten and sucked, pleasure and pain, His pleasure, her pain. As he faced the mirror now he recognised that His power over her was to be tested, she had manipulated him into this position which saw him facing Himself as if watching another, as her hands explored his chest, his stomach, and tentatively, his smooth freshly shaved balls.
The effect upon her of finally being allowed freedom to roam was immediate, He smelt her musk rising and knew from her unsteadiness in heels that she was cumming again. He enjoyed that power keeping her in that rolling train of orgasms controlling her mind and her cunt without having to touch either. Knowing that there were little snippets of his voice she held as a shield against the day, huddled on crowded trains, or even once, a round table conference with her peers ear piece in, listening to His voice as He came hard and fast a million miles away.
This time though, he would let Himself cum by her hand, feeling her gaining confidence as one cupped his swelling sacks and the other encircled the base of His shaft with control and purpose. She moved to his side, sliding under His arm, one hand exploring His buttocks, his crack, the other gaining the rhythmical pull on His cock that made the blood pump faster, harder. Staring in the mirror at the marks on her breast, the deep red blush on her arse, long welts rising from the belt, He wondered how she could forget such pain so easily from such a short while ago and lose herself so clearly in the pleasure of being allowed free access to Him. Her face betrayed her enjoyment. Spreading his legs so that He stood with his thighs angled for her to fuck, the feeling of heat from her swelling oozing clit amused as she gripped and dragged herself to the edge once more not needing to seek permission to cum this time.
As the scene in the mirror began to hold Him captive He felt detached from Himself, His arm draped over her shoulder His hands tracing the outline of her face, twisting her head as he inserted his fingers and made her gag. Simultaneously he felt her pound harder onto his thighs, her hands clenching his arse the pull on His shaft more demanding, staring into the mirror His fingers pushed harder holding her head firmly in the crook of His arm, ‘now fuck bitch, now’
And it began,
That feeling deep in His gut as His balls tightened, as her body writhing against him in time to her hand pulling and manipulating his cock, sweeping her fingers over his smooth freshly shaven balls on each change of swing, she felt the surge too.
She knew it was close, he was cumming, his breathing that deep rasping noise from those precious voice notes, ‘oh, fuck, yesss’, those words that gripped Her senses whenever she heard them now spilling from his mouth as uncontrolled and desperate for release as the cum building within him; overtaking him just as the floods of precum made Her slide faster and harder, driving his explosion controlling him as he watched her body around him in the mirror, his hand covered in saliva grasping her breast ripples of flesh spilling through his fingers as his eruption covered the glass, spurt after spurt hitting it with force you could hear, each sound making Her cum in time with him her juices dripping down his thigh.
That briefest moment of still, quiet, panting exhaustion, as the evidence of Her control slid slowly groundwards, obliterating the image He had held of Himself as in control always in that one reckless moment of abandonment as she nuzzled into His chest His arm holding her close and still, her face at peace and content. Smiling.
It was the smile that broke the spell, His hand swung upwards grabbing her by the throat forcing her body downwards against the mirror her reflected shock as cold cum covered her cheek, ears, hair, ‘clean it fuck bitch’ he growled biting her neck hard, turning her head square on forcing her to lap the trails of his submission, to clean away all trace that betrayed Him

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