This as with most things I commit to paper, was written for someone. Deliberately short given the recipient would be reading it on a phone screen. The someone was stuck in a hotel on yet another business trip, and as can be the case in unfamiliar surroundings, unable to settle into a fantasy and cum. I sent it in both spoken and written form, my voice it seems worked better than the screen….

I have the recording still but as yet have no idea how to use the audio feature here to upload that so you dear Reader will have to make do with the screen.



In the darkness of her corner booth she watched, business trips always offered the chance encounter, something to release the pent up frustration of life. Tonight was no different., she needed release, her eyes surveying the varying shapes sizes creeds and colours, the sex was immaterial, only the signal needed to be there, the subtle sign that someone also needed that release, and her eyes found it. The brown pools of need framed with dark thick eye lashes screamed to be taken, the movement of the tongue over the lips, the dewy haze of lust making the exposed flesh seem almost to pant with desire. The companion, nervous, hesitant, glancing around constantly at anything anyone other than the silent shouts of the body aching to be touched, who’s cocoon of want covered them both.

They would be tonight’s release she realised, one needing to be taken another needing to be taught to be the taker. Her own release would come in directing them on their path, giving to each the power to know and embrace what was so clearly the private embryonic world of submission and dominance.

With skilled practice she caught the brown eyes in her gaze and held them there as she crossed from her lair, her sexual prowling making her purpose crystal clear and enjoying the change in the brown eyes from amazement to intrigue to recognition in those few slow steps.

‘This is,,,,’ said the brown eyes continuing to look searchingly and deeply, widening with joy at the unspoken possibilities that were being effortlessly communicated by the predator that had joined the two of them in their cocoon. ‘Call me whatever comes to mind when it matters’ said the interloper, ‘but for now let’s go somewhere quieter’ ‘please’ murmurs the big brown eyes to the companion who’s body language shouts fear, ‘let’s go back to our room for a night cap….’

In the lift as he watches the predators tongue entwine with that of his once quiet little brown eyes, sees hands pulling at nipples, thighs spreading legs, and his own growing but fearful erection he understands suddenly, this night will be the stuff of his of his nightmares, his submission discovered, laid bare, made manifest



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